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The duties related to the chemicals management for legal persons or natural persons carrying on business are given by Act No. 356/2003 Coll., on Chemical Substances and Chemical Preparations and Amending Some Acts, as amended.

This act regulates, in accordance with the European Community Law, the rights and duties at classification and testing of dangerous properties, packaging and marking, launching to the market or introducing into circulation and at export or import of chemical substances and chemical preparations, at notification and registration of chemical substances, and defines the administrative bodies’ competence when ensuring protection of health and of the environment against harmful effects of the chemical substances and chemical preparations.

At present this act is about to be amended. The new chemical act shall ensure greater coherence with the EC REACH Regulation.

The company EKONOX, s.r.o. offers within the framework of the chemical substances management:

  • Drawing up, translation and revisions of safety data sheets
  • Ensuring performance of an activity of aprofessionally authorized person for the area of chemical substances/preparations management
  • Drawing up of classification and assessment of chemical substances/preparations dangerous properties
  • Drawing up of written rules for dangerous chemical substances management
  • Representing the entity during negotiations with the authorities concerned and inspection authorities
  • Providing information about new legal requirements
  • Performance of regular inspection activity in the area of air protection
  • Ensuring regular training for the employees related to the chemical substances/preparations management
  • Drawing up of an expert opinion to the technologies being newly introduced or to their modifications

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