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The company EKONOX, s.r.o. is an organizer of a number of training courses and professional seminars.

The seminar held within the framework of the international exhibition District Heating Days is a traditional event. As the title itself suggests, the seminar focuses above all on the impacts of the current or prepared legislation in the environmental area on the power engineering. The first seminar took place in 1997. Regular attendance at the seminar is ca. 40 - 70 persons. Component parts of the seminar are also contributions of lecturers from the EU countries (with Czech interpreting).

In addition to the already established events, the company EKONOX, s.r.o. offers a possibility to hold training courses/seminars about the given legislation concerning the environment according to the client’s requirements. The training courses/seminars are held, according to the customer’s wish, either directly at the client’s or in the registered office of the company EKONOX, s.r.o. The capacity of these training courses/seminars ranges ca. from 1 to 20 people. 

The seminars being most often held currently were the ones related to the new REACH legislation. The realised training courses more often correspond to the traditional requirements – training courses for chemicals management, training from the point of view of emergency plans and operating regulations ... 

The training courses/seminars are conducted by an experienced employee of the company EKONOX, s.r.o. for the given area of the environment. In case of more extensive seminars, you can meet also external lecturers so that the seminar’s quality and diversity could be ensured.

The company EnviWeb s.r.o. is an important media partner of the events held under the heading of the company EKONOX, s.r.o.


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