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Nitrogen oxides (NOx) arise by fossil fuel combustion (coal, fuel oil, natural gas) in thermal power plants and heating plants, combustion of fuel (petrol, diesel) in combustion engines of cars, buses, trucks and in other stationary facilities (e.g. rotary kilns in cement works, waste incineration plants), where due to high temperatures formation of nitrogen oxides occurs in consequence of chemical reaction between air oxygen and nitrogen.

Reducing of NOx formation may be achieved in principal in two ways:

  • by means of adjustment of the given combustion process (e.g. by means of lowering the temperature, by means of creating of a reducing atmosphere, etc.), so-called primary denitrification methods
  • by means of NOx elimination (reduction), so-called secondary methods

Choice of the given method depends on a number of parameters where the input NOx concentration, type of the installation and, last but not least, the legislative regulations play an important role. The emissions of nitrogen oxides NOx do not arise only by oxidation of the fuel nitrogen, but the prevailing part is formed from the air nitrogen in consequence of high temperatures in the combustion chamber.

The company EKONOX, s.r.o. offers the following services in the area of denitrification:

  • Processing of a study on possible methods for reducing NOx emissions in the given combustion equipment 
  • Professional assistance in selection of the optimum technology supplier 
  • Professional assistance in communication with a design company, a supply company and the public authorities and the state administration bodies concerned

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