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Environmental impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment

Act No. 100/2001 Coll., on Environmental Impact Assessment, in accordance with the European Community law, regulates the environmental impact assessment, the impact on public health and procedure of natural persons, legal persons, administrative bodies and territorial self-government units (municipalities and regions) during this assessment. The act stipulates in its annex a list of plans, to which the duty to process documentation that is subject to assessment relates.

The purpose of the environmental impact assessment is to gain objective expert basis for issuance of a decision, as the case may be for the measures in accordance with special legal regulations, and to contribute thus to sustainable development of the society.

The company EKONOX, s.r.o., within the framework of the Environmental Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic, offers the following services:

  • Processing of EIA notification, documentations and opinions 
  • Client’s representation during negotiations with the authorities and bodies involved in the EIA process
  • Making the public acquainted with the plan ant its contingent environmental impacts
  • Ensuring and performance of the fact-finding procedure
  • Processing of partial assessments and analyses required as parts of the EIA documentation (e.g. noise and dispersion studies, risk assessment, etc.)

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