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Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting

Within the framework of the environmental consultancy, the company EKONOX, s.r.o.  offers assistance in processing, updating and subsequent control of fulfilment of the obligations connected with the requirements of the individual component laws for the environment, related in particular to the air, waste and chemical substances.

Individual approach to every order ensures maximum fulfilment of the client’s requirements.

Drawing up of the necessary documents stipulated by the valid legislation in the environmental area is focused in particular on:

  • Air (e.g. drawing up of operating regulations, report for Air Pollution Sources Register /the corresponding Czech acronym is REZZO/)
  • Water (e.g. drawing up of emergency plans, operating regulations for waterworks)
  • Waste (e.g. drawing up of identification sheets of dangerous waste, waste management plans)
  • Chemical substances (e.g. drawing up of written rules, operating regulations for warehouses)

In addition to that, the company EKONOX, s.r.o. provides the service of company ecology (ecological outsourcing). This service is always adapted exactly according to the customer’s requirements directly made-to-measure for the given operator.

You can find more information about the services being provided, together with the references for the individual services in the parts dealing with company ecology, chemical substances, air, water and waste.

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