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Environmental consulting - Waste treatment

Environmental consulting - Waste treatment

The duties for legal persons or natural persons carrying on business are given by Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on Waste, as amended by subsequent regulations and related decrees and orders.


Having the wastes duly classified in accordance with the waste catalogue belongs to the basic duties of those handling waste. It is necessary to have an identification sheet drawn up for every kind of the produced hazardous waste, which must hang in the place of storage /gathering of the waste.
In case of an aggregate annual waste production in the amount higher than 10 t of hazardous waste and 1,000 t of the other waste, the operator is obliged to draw up the so-called Waste producer’s waste management plan.

The company EKONOX, s.r.o. offers within the framework of the waste management:

  • Drawing up of a waste producer’s waste management plan
  • Drawing up of hazardous waste identification sheets
  • Drawing up of operating regulations for waste stocks
  • Drawing up of an annual report on waste production
  • Ensuring employees’ training in the area of waste management
  • Representing the entity during negotiations with the authorities concerned and inspection authorities
  • Performance of regular inspection activity in the area of waste management
  • Keeping records on waste production and waste management

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