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Water protection

The duties for legal persons or natural persons carrying on business are given by Act No. 254/2001 Coll., on Waters, as amended by subsequent regulations and related decrees and orders.


Drawing up of a Plan of measures for case of an emergency deterioration in the quality of the waters belongs to the basic duties of those who deal with harmful substances. The Plan of measures for case of an emergency deterioration in the quality of the waters (hereinafter referred to as “emergency plan”) is drawn up based on Act No. 254/2001 Coll., on Waters, and Amendment to Some Other Acts (the Water Act), as amended, and Decree No. 450/2005 Coll., concerning the particulars of handling harmful substances and particulars of the emergency plan, the method and scope of reporting accidents, their disposal and elimination of their harmful consequences.

The company EKONOX, s.r.o. offers within the framework of water management:

  • Drawing up of emergency plans
  • Drawing up of documents for permit for surface or groundwater management
  • Drawing up of operating regulations for waterworks
  • Drawing up of flood plans
  • Ensuring training courses for the employees for handling substances endangering the water quality
  • Representing the entity during negotiations with the authorities concerned and inspection authorities
  • Providing information about new legal requirements
  • Performance of regular inspection activity in the area of water protection
  • Drawing up of expert opinions to the technologies being newly introduced or to their modifications
  • Drawing up of data for inquiry proceedings for suppliers of services/technologies

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